Top Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

When it comes to buying the electronic cigarette, you must know what you are getting yourself into. Otherwise, you may end up with the wrong devices. However, if you know the different types of electronic cigarettes that are available in the market, you are sure of not making a mistake. There is nothing frustrating as going to purchase an electric cigarette only to end up with the wrong device.

The list below will widen your knowledge and help you know what you are getting yourself into.


Available in different colors, sizes, as well as styles. When you are getting a starter kit, it is advisable that you get the best one. It is your first time, remember, so you deserve nothing but the best!
The reason most people prefer the rechargeable types of electronic cigarette is that they are reusable. They also have replaceable electronic liquids.

Compared to other types of electronic cigarettes in terms of cost they are readily available and cheap. A journey of ten miles begins with a step. If you have just started vaping or planning to start, this is the best starter’s kits available in stores and online shops too.

This means that you can reuse it if you are not ready in the pocket to get a new electronic cigarette. It also helps you save money as much as you want to vape.


If you are not sure of what you are getting to it is preferable you start with the disposable electronic cigarette. They are readily available and cheap. Therefore, if you try vaping and end up loving vaping, you can always go for another one over the counter, gas station, local stores and restaurants too.

If you try the disposable electronic cigarette only to end up not liking the vaping, you can dispose of it. For heavy smokers, this is not the kind of electric cigarette that you would prefer. It not that powerful as you may expect, so do not try it to avoid frustrations. Don’t forget that there are coupon codes available for a lot of these products that you can use to help save money; one of our favorite resources is – coupon code website, and also the Vaporfi coupon code website.


If you are a heavy smoker, this will be your best choice after the rechargeable electronic cigarette. These devices have bigger batteries as well as more options giving the devices self-earned respect from the users.

It also the most popular electronic cigar to many users. If you are a smoker, who has not used the e-go electronic cigar then you are surely out of place. Am wondering what else are you vaping?

The e-go tanks can hold more electronic liquids or nicotine more than any other electronic cigarettes, so one does not have to keep worrying of refueling your cigar every other minute.

If you want the satisfaction of vaping without the constant rude interruption of refilling and recharging then E-cig is what you need without any second choice. It is simply the best!

The personal vaporizer

This is the type of electronic cigarette that is best for advanced smokers as well as heavy smokers. However, if you are adventurous, you can try at your own risk remember. However, this is not meant to scare you at all. All the same, someone does not start swimming from the deep end but from the shallow ends- a piece of advice from the world of wisdom, However, the choice is yours entirely.

This electric cigarette needs someone with prior experience and high maintenance skills. It can be modified with box mods. Some of the most popular options are the 30 watt and 50 watt box mods.

Most of them have LCD screens, variable controls as well as removable batteries. They are the most desired electronic cigars. Most vapers have their thumbs up for this electronic cigarette.

The e-cigar

If you are looking for a tough real experience of vaping, you should surely try the e-cigar, most appropriately, at the poker table or while relaxing at the restaurant after a long day with your boss.

The e-cigars will fool anyone around with its vapor, which looks like a real smoke but no smell. They taste like tobacco, but there is no burning this time round, thanks to technology.

After you choose your best electronic cigarette, you should make sure that you have the best electronic juice or liquid. That is the only way to have a full experience with vaping.

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