1. Mobile operator EE to launch 4G services end of October

The mobile phone operator EE has announced to launch 4G services at the end of October. The crunch talks between the government and the telecoms companies is set to further enhance the spread of this technology. The nationwide adoption of this technology will be on summer of next year.

The CEO of Orange EE, Olaf Swantee, said: “As a company, we are happy to announce that the launch of the 4G superfast mobile internet and fiber broadband service will take place on 30th October 2012”. This is a great achievement for the company as it looks forward to offer high speed services to its customers. The people of UK will now be able to enjoy the benefits of superfast 4G technology. The competitors of this company, Vodafone, Three and O2 are not able to access these services until late 2013. Despite the delays by the other operators to spread the 4G gospel, these services will take Britain by storm after the companies decided to put their differences aside. We see the same thing with Orlando SEO.

The 4G internet will give the customers that ultimate chance to access fast internet on their smartphones. 4G is ten times faster than the current 3G services that are being used largely. Maria Miller, the Culture Secretary of EE Company has announced that she will bring the auction of the 4G airspace forward by January. With the major mobile operators having signed an understanding, chances of one dominating the market have been reduced to zero.

At the same time Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator will let the airwaves free for use by those companies interested in offering 4G services as from the start of May next year. This is to allow the companies be well prepared so that their entry into the market will have an impact. After the airwaves are let free, the mobile phone services providers will be able to deliver the 4G services to their customers. This is something that will take place two months after letting the waves are freed.

The services would be available across UK and other parts of Europe. All the major cities of UK will enjoy these services. However, some of the minor towns will have to wait until 2014. This is a time when a specific spectrum will carry the phone signal to very long distances, as seen with OMG Machines.

It is clear that UK has lagged behind as the rest of Europe in offering 4G. This new roll-out is expected to give life into the economy of UK. People will be able to use money in doing online shopping. The mobile phones will be able to get connected in a much more easy way owed to the new speed internet. People will be in a position to access the internet very fast.

Ms Miller went ahead to say that the delivery of 4G will be a key part to boosting the economic growth rate. This is a strategy that is going to motivate people to put more effort in building the nation. She said: “We anticipate that 4G services will boost the economy of UK by miles” This is a good move by the government to give in to the huge demand from ordinary and business people who need a way of enhancing their life, as seen in the OMG Machines review.

The government is in the forefront of offering the 4G services in UK with the aim of creating enormous opportunities. It is now upon the services providers to deliver the services to the people. From the feedback that has been given by past customers, these services are going to be a success in the UK. However, not everyone is going to access these services from the word go! Only a few selected! The latest iPhone 5 from Apple allows the reception of 4G services to given spectrum holding. Vodafone and O2 do not have this spectrum. This means that if EE sells the anticipated 1800 megahertz spectrum, it is expected that these companies will not offer the 4G services.

O2’s CEO Ronan Dunne has welcomed the early 4G roll out but terming it frustrating since it will take a while before the spectrum could reach their company. Another thing he sees quite expensive is the fact that companies will take time to educate their clients about the benefits of these services. 4G services are expected to spread to Britain by next summer. This will usher in a stiff competition between the service providers. The rival companies will be on the run to outdoor each other. This is a great benefit to the customers as it will bring the cost of these services down.

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